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The Journey of How I Survived

The journey of how I survived. This book will encourage you to matter what you're going through. This is my journey. We all have journeys in life that we go through, we all have roads that we travel, but somehow we get to a destination. Please I just need a place for us to write this book to encourage you no matter what you're going through or what you have been through in your life. You are a survivor. This book is a true story about things that I had to endure, horrific things that happened in my life that there were times I thought that I wouldn't survive, but I did survive. This book will be a blessing to whoever reads it. You will find things in here that you can use in your life and your future. Today some of the things I've been through you may never experience but we all go through something, so read this book and go with me on my journey where I have been and you will learn that you can do all things through God that strengthens you. This book will help anyone who reads it. Stop, get it, read it, and apply it in your life I survived and you will too. I pray for you that as you read this book, you will fill the presence of God in your life and let him carry you through. God bless and keep you in perfect peace. I love you.

--Zelbra Biggers

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