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The Illusion and Inspiration

Politics, war, and religion define a generation uniquely as no other. Religion and love are the unlikeliest elements for the cornerstones of the western world? coming out of bloody civil war being fought over the divine right of kings with religious reasons. Finally, a new nation bound in empire sheds the devise issues that torn apart the country to rest. In the midst of all this love is found by two of the most opposite people. A civil war is not the best time to find true love. The enduring struggle through death, tragedy, treason and family empire leave two young to fight for legacy, truth, justice and the future. The gift of a poem, locket, and a brooch bring misery, tragedy heartbreak and a curse, to every generation in one family. The saga of one family going against the grain of culture, and the norm in every fabric of English society. The next generation looks at the world differently than the last, the foundation of the British empire and the rival family empire does interfere with love and marriage.

After he restoration of CharlesII the religious warfare centered in Parliament. The issues of succession whirl around London towne in a world now in complete change. The age of discovery, inventions, education, and new institutions being formed turn the lode order upside down. The birth of political parties, coffee houses give everyone an opinion. William and John are the leaders of the Stanton family’s’ business and political arenas. they are in the fight over religion once again siding with the king through the dangerous waters of political religion and church and state.

Myth, celebrity, notoriety, are the legends surrounding the Stantons. What no one can see behind the curtain of their personal lives. The twisted hand of fate has on the next three generations.

While a dark curse stalks the family as they live their own nightmare as a surreal hell. Personal vendettas by many to bring the most powerful and richest family in England to ruination.

History repeats itself for the Stanton's in business and political worlds. The saga of love, marriage and fortunes are intertwined with poem, locket, and a brooch are the fate of this family.

--Ashton Fletcher

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