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The Hunter Chronicles

Everyone loves wolves. Always having a dog or two in the family, Rick never experienced "other animals" outside a zoo. In 1999 Rick married a true animal lover and owner of two more dogs for the family. That was the limit until synchronicity reared its head, putting Rick, his wife, and her children in a "drive-through" zoo on the first day they could sell the first of a recent wolf litter.

This book is a diary of sorts to chronicle this chance meeting. He reluctantly purchased a five-week-old baby wolf that he would name "Hunter" a week later.

These incredibly personal stories are a documentary of a rainbow of emotions as Rick and Hunter make their journey through life together. The life lessons that can be learned from this amazingly complex species are tools and a reference point for our position on the planet. The chronicles totally dispel the stereotypes about wolves and shed a humbling light on the most misunderstood species of all time. Everyone loves wolves, but Rick is blessed to have had a wolf love him.

--Rick Parent

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