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The Heroes of Valor

A stoic man haunted by his legend and the secrets of his past. An aging storyteller wanting little more than to live out one more adventure. A dwarf shunned by his own kind, looking for a place to belong. A gifted boy shackled by a dark gamble. An elven champion struggling to bring his nation back from the brink of war. An outlaw leader, unable to escape the enmities of his former life. A woman needing to find deliverance for a growing shadow inside of her. Together, in a world torn apart by a civil war, and the rising power of a despot with his unstoppable armies, they must all unite together; to save themselves, to save their nations, and to save a dying world from an eldritch power far more virulent still...

To do this they must forsake ageless oaths and bonds of friendship. They must find and fight the darkness of their own pasts. They must confront the reasons why their world is coming to rot and ruin.

But, more importantly still, they must all become heroes.

--Robert Pardue

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