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The Heart Crystal and Other Stories

The Heart Crystal is a collection of seven delightful stories that tickle children's fantasies, teach children universal values, and lets them become heroes. Each story also includes a fun meditative moment for children to experience. These delightful stories aid children's self-discovery and let their imaginations soar.


"I am an author and yoga and meditation instructor for children and adults. We all want ways to be calmer, healthier, and happier. I write playful stories to help children go into the quieter sides of themselves where happiness abides. The stories reinforce how special they are in a whimsical and adventurous way.

Such stories are very needed in our busy and changing world. Both children and adults need soothing. My story books calm and encourage children. Through the stories, children learn values, have adventures, and use yoga and meditation to help themselves.

My background of teaching yoga and meditation started In 1974. I went to India to study yoga and meditation with Ananda Marga. I became a teacher and taught yoga and meditation in various countries for more than two decades. Now I live in a beautiful forest and write children stories. I frequently do "storytelling combined with yoga" tor children. I, also, regularly do "yoga for seniors" classes. Hmmm, that means I do yoga with people aged 2 years to 85 years old. I love it!"

--Nancy "Niiti" Gannon

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