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The Grumps

Follow Cassidy as she learns how to be the boss of her feelings and wrangle the grumps! This book explores more than just the feeling of anger; it also teaches children about many of the thinking traps that occur when one is angry. The Grumps helps parents and their children understand the tricks behind anger and offers tools to move beyond it. In my experience, I've seen many children get "stuck" in their anger—unable to move on, and their big feelings spiraling out of control. With the practical tips in this book, children learn skills that target the cognitive, behavioral, and physical aspects of anger.

This book provides age-appropriate strategies to help young children regain control of their emotions and comes with a strategy page, where children (with the help of their grown-ups) can identify additional ways to empower themselves to recover quicker from big feelings.

--Jennifer Daffon, PsyD, LMHC

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