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The Great Cure

Set in the first half of the twenty-first century, George Fillmore, a Texas-born, New York–based medical researcher, and Adam El Del Rio, a Dominican medical researcher, are experimenting on an advanced treatment for a rare form of cancer. The experiment would transform into multiple, natural cures in one. It soon becomes a historic mission in eliminating the majority of common and deadly diseases, including diabetes, Alzheimer's, and HIV/AIDS worldwide in a matter of months, thus, calling the invention and campaign The Great Cure. In opposition of this medical breakthrough are pharmaceutical companies and many of its workers, who fear not only losing their jobs but are also uncertain this potential medical breakthrough will save millions of lives. The Great Cure is a multicity, sci-fi tale that takes place worldwide, notably in cities like New York, where George and his girlfriend, Amanda Dawes, an entertainment reporter, lives; in Los Angeles, where an African-born medical school couple, Kefla Abu and Ama're Ofiaja, reside; and in Rome, where Benita D'Agastino, a researcher, works for the World Health Organization, lives with her preteen daughter Marina, who suffers from autism. Washington, DC, Santo Domingo, and London are also primary cities set in The Great Cure.

--Regis Rodriguez

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