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The Golden Scar

Paranormal investigator Kevin Falsone, his wife, Katie Hopkins, and their daughter, Sabrina, are on another adventure. This time, strange happenings are taking place at Ksiaz Castle, in Poland. It seems the Twelve Knights of the Round Table are making appearances about the castle for no apparent reason. The knights materialize at the most unexpected times, mystifying caretaker Conrad Trotsky. Fearing tourism will suffer drastically, Mr. Trotsky wants answers and calls on Kevin for assistance. Along with Nate Skinnert, his equipment man, and Madame Paschal, medium and owner of 1692, the wax museum in Salem, Massachusetts, they try to solve the supernatural mystery and put Conrad Trotsky's mind at ease.

Octogenarian Mario Brunelli—simply Brunelli to his friends—is thrown into the mix, following instructions given to him by an Etch A Sketch, a child's toy introduced to the world in 1960.

--Carl Adrignola

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