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The Girl in the Mirror

The girl in the mirror is without doubt a beautiful woman, whose moral fiber goes no further than the two dimensional mirror she exists thru. She lives each day only as directed by what it reflects back to her simple mind.

Her puppets come from behind the black backside of the mirror. The reality of it is, that they spend time doing whatever Vixens persona directs. She allows them to do nothing more.

Each sexual partner becomes the finishing touch to her perfect ensemble. There’s no way they can ever become anything more than a matching accessory, an accessory that will become old and useless and discarded without notification for something new and shiny and bigger. Sometimes she keeps them for an hour, or overnight, maybe a week, a month, and very rarely for that special piece, almost a year.

If you choose to meet Vixen Periwinkle, you must enter the mirror of her life. To do so, means that you have given up all common sense, whereas Vixen’s mirror does not include ordinary.

In other words, Vixen Periwinkle grabs life by the balls, and when she’s done playing with them, she sends them back to the sanctuary of their underwear to hibernate after their mouth humming experience. Then she moves on for a bigger, better pair. Enjoy.

--Eric Bruce

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