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The Freedom Contract

The Freedom Contract is Kidani Dashikis’s gift to humanity exposing mind-control strategies and trickery used against you to believe you are free yet still play along and perform for authority as you should not in the land of the free. Kidani came to realize that his manifested freedom was not the freedom defined in Webster’s Dictionary and deeply explored why, where, and how we fell into the delusional state of mind we are in today believing we are free. Kidani reveals that your whole life, starting with your birth certificate, has been programmed physically and mentally to surrender self and contract away your available freedoms to authority. Kidani’s work will appear very dark at first to many, as you have been programmed to see it as dark, but as you start to rise above your delusional state, you will soon see the light and realize you have been the one in the dark all along, being controlled by way of coercion and fear.

Kidani holds nothing back as he brings humanity into a new state of freedom by providing an end to the surrender-self contract and perform game and provides a path to peace and true freedom, allowing your mind and body to move about freely in this new day and age.

--Kidani Dashikis

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