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The Fourth Way: A Comprehensive Humanitarian Economic System to Save the World

The Fourth Way: A Comprehensive Humanitarian Economic System to Save the World is the result of a long effort and time, spanning more than seven years, from 2010 till 2017. Overloaded with research and studies, tracking events all around the world, monitoring the wars, crises, and international problems, and pursuing the details of their intensification and development.

The book includes an accurate, detailed, comprehensive, and deep description of all the international movements that have covered the world since the outbreak of the First World War until the middle of 2017, the date of completion of this book, and documents the history of all revolutions, calls, and economic ideas.

One of the main objectives of this book is to rely on the successes and failures of these experiences, seeking a human, economic, political, and social system, a system that is fair, clean, moral, honorable, and rational.

Also to restore economic value to the economic factor in managing the affairs of states and people. To restore the individual value in life and create a healthy individual actor and producer. To tame the technological landscape, restore balance to environment, repair the United Nations, and activate its institutions and its role in solving the international dilemmas.

This book is a documented historical reference and a full description of all the mechanisms of applying this system, which can be a clear guide for economists, historians, politics, sociologist, and individuals

--Dr. A. Joseph Keryo

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