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The Forgotten Disciple

When Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross, he gave every person living or yet to be born a way to atone for the sins they commit in life. But what about the people who lived and died before his death? Would he allow their souls to remain in hell and be tortured for eternity, or will he enlist the help of the greatest soldier who has ever lived?

Tanibus: The Forgotten Disciple is the story of the man Jesus recruits to protect him from the dangers of hell. This gripping tale follows the life of Tanibus from his childhood in Rome, growing up with an abusive father, and his rise through the ranks of the Roman legion. He descends into hell but is it to protect the man he was once sent to capture but now has grown to love. Or is it to destroy him? The dark one will stop at nothing to recruit Tanibus for his own dark purposes. Will Tanibus be able to resist the temptations and help Jesus? Or will he give in to his own desire for power and wealth?

--Brad Bell

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