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The Forbidden Tree

A secret society of high schoolers are up for a challenge to find the darkest tree of them all: the forbidden tree. The tree that would stand as tall as a skyscraper building and was as wide as a flowing river. This tree would grant you anything you wanted, such as making you the richest person in the world, but it came with a deadly price. Each student would get $100,000 in their group if they found the forbidden tree located in a forbidden place like Camp Clover. Located deep, deep, deep in the woods, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack. As students continued to stand firm on the dare that was made to follow through at the end of the senior year, students that participates in these dares at the end of the year took a secret oath to follow through each dare carried out through the secret society. Perhaps this year would be more challenging and deadly than the previous years of dares made through the secret society. Camp Clover—which is off-limits to anyone being that the camp was closed off to the communities around due to all those horrific murders made out at Camp Clover—made that dare that much more interesting and challenging, not to mention how much money was involved as the kids prepared for this deadly trip ahead. If you were not strong-minded, the tree would suck your soul, making you the deadliest evil person walking the earth. As the seniors prepared for the deadliest trip being ordered, they had no idea that they might not return home to see their loved ones again. Little did they know that this might be their last time eating meals from home. As the time drew nearer, nervousness started to set in.

Now, who's ready to go camping?

--Regina Pringle

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