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The Final Dilemma

Michael Stevens is a kind-hearted, highly intelligent, emotionally charged, and unlikely hero. He has been created by something special in the universe to help humans fight the battles against the Controllers of this world. There is just one big problem. He has a voracious demon growing inside of him, one that feeds on his anger and rage, fueled by a growing resentment toward his father, peers, and general raw deal in life. Michael must endure a lifelong journey of trials and torment, seeing through the veil of lies, to realize his true potential. Mankind's evolvement is being suppressed by a highly elusive society of power and greed, and there isn't much time left; but he has the power to heal it. As he follows the synchronistic signs along the way, his journey takes him to the edge of sanity and beyond. Will Michael be able to make the correct choices and become what he is meant to be? Is he really as powerful as he has been told? Is humanity worth it? All the answers hinge on one final dilemma.

The Final Dilemma is the first novel of a trilogy addressing the hidden reality around us as well as finding the true gifts that lie dormant in the human spirit within us all.

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--James Bartleson

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