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The Fear Inside

Monica had obediently led a very mobile life as a child, had endured heartbreaking losses without hesitation, and had continued on as normally as possible the typical timeline of young adults her age until Eric made the normal impossible. With alternative intentions, Eric infused himself into Monica's life in the guise of romance to solve the mystery of a murder. Eric's mission to investigate evolved into a deeper desire to bond with Monica, a desire which unwittingly released a history of events and memories that spiraled Monica to that mystical and potentially dark life from which others had sacrificed their lives to protect her.

What was long oppressed and hidden inside the depths of the petite black-haired beauty's soul was rising. Those around her became pawns used in a sequence to lead to an ending that would reveal what was destined to become her future, but who was the mastermind of these events?

The confusion of friend or foe, perpetrator or victim, innocent or guilty produces a constant tension that drives the story into a cataclysmic ending. The mystery of Monica's history, the ensuing trail of deaths and chaos, and the supernatural activity"all are connected to Monica, and all intensify as she comes closer to facing the fear she holds inside. The fear is the key.

--Amy Kathlyn

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