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The Fascinating World of Aviation

This is an entertainment book with real facts and history concerning about these aluminum birds with big wings we see every day in the sky.

After doing many surveys and talking to people in airports worldwide, I found out that people do not have much knowledge about the fascinating world of aviation. I felt that I had to tell them with simple words, a little bit of my personal traveling experience, and with all my research done with books of different languages like Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and English. I will tell facts and history of the airplanes. We all take flight in some point of our life. Buying a ticket, first thing is to check the price and compare it with all the different airlines to get the best bargain. Timeframe, documents and visas if you are going out of the country. Check the weather, clothes to wear, seat in the plane (window or corridor), etc. Do you know what manufacturer is the airplane you are going to be when you are 35,000 feet in the air? How the huge plane with more than 300,000 lb. of weight can stay in the air? How safe are they? The difference between one and another. This book will answer these questions and many more about aviation.

My book The Fascinating World of Aviation describe in an enjoyable way with the following five chapters:

1. History of Aviation

2. What Is an Airplane and How Safe Is It?

3. What is an Airport?

4. The Boeing Company and Their Airplane 737 Max 8

5. Tips and Suggestions for Passengers

--Jaime Fernandez

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