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The Faith Journey Series: Not Forbidden The Faith Journey Series

Four lonely children, three broken homes, and two willing people all collide for one divine purpose.

In this fourth installment of the Faith Journey series, all the past hardships written about in the first, second, and third books begin to take on a new perspective as it suddenly becomes very evident that those horrific events from Robin's and Tim's past—the uncertainty that came from their various life-threatening health challenges, the excruciating pain felt from betrayal and rejection throughout each of their divorces, the loneliness that followed, and all the overt demonic spiritual attacks—were all divinely permitted for a very important purpose that would prove useful in bringing up their four adopted children.

Everything comes full circle as Robin realizes that the deep, dark adversity allowed in her past was part of the divine plan to prepare her for the most important task God was calling her and Tim to do. All the rejection, abandonment, anger, and fear they had experienced proved to be useful tools as she and Tim attempt to empathize and understand the heavy weight of deep-rooted hurt and trauma that their children lived with.

God uses their past failures and pain to shed light on ways to help them form meaningful bonds with their adopted children; the sibling group consisting of four lost souls that would result in a loving family unit for this new family created by God out of six rejects.

"We're all just a bunch of rejects living under one roof. It's no wonder that God can lift us to such heights, we all came from the pit." (Robin D. Holstein)

--Robin D. Holstein

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