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The End of the World

George, Wade, Tom, Frank, and Eric are not-so-normal kids from Earth. However, their not-so-normalcy is shattered when an extraterrestrial spacecraft descends from the sky and proclaims that they will represent Earth in a contest for the greatest prize of all- survival. They are placed in an artificial reality where anything they imagine instantly appears.

Their only chance to save the world is to complete five tasks in this virtual world, each against a bunch of lethal adversaries. It seems straightforward enough. However, all is not as it seems. The fifth task is seemingly impossible and has never been completed by any species. Can they do the impossible and succeed where many have failed? There’s only one way to find out.

Along the way they will encounter unexpected allies, deadly dangers, and challenges from both within and without. They’ll also learn to work together and find the courage to succeed. They must succeed, or the consequences will be unimaginably horrible…

--Sukruth Kadaba

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