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The Dream Catcher: The Grotesque Gurglios Trilogy

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to find a dream catcher with a Revioscope, snatching up your dreams. This happened to Josh Hollister, and it caused a series of adventures to cascade through his once normal life.Suddenly, Sydney A. Pullman appears out of nowhere, wanting Josh's help with capturing the Revioscope. How does Sydney know so much about the dream catcher and what the eccentric man can do with this special apparatus? And more importantly, what does the dream catcher do with the dreams once he captures them?The sudden chaos that follows might have been easier to handle if Josh's new friendship with Sydney wasn't so complicated. Let's face it—there was something remarkably unusual about Sydney and how she already knew so much about the dream catcher.Will he succeed in finding answers to these questions? Will Josh and Sydney succeed in capturing the Revioscope and putting an end to the dream catcher's thievery? They must succeed since their lives depend on it.

--B. A. Foerster

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