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The Devil's Response

From the outside, her life was all too commonly tragic. Gwen and her overly eager bio chemist husband, Caleb, met in college. They both wanted to have children and ease into a simple, unremarkable life of family and academics.

After a difficult and what could of have been an expensive conception, she gave birth to their two children, Gloria and David. Since Caleb was a bio chemist, they decided to have him implant “their” fertilized egg into Gwen’s womb, a kind of pregnancy D.I.Y. project. It seemed so simple, almost natural, for Caleb to perform the procedure. In a way it brought their family closer, or so it seemed from the outside. After many years of Caleb and Gwen being absorbed in their own worlds of work and children, Caleb left Gwen for someone else.

Their daughter, Gloria, began drinking and going wild after the divorce. Gloria’s life ended in a drunken car accident, killing a mother and her children. This was the end of her unremarkable life. In a desperate state of grief and guilt, Gwen makes a decision that ends up putting her in a mental hospital.

Dr. Jones, her counselor, meets Gwen at the depths of depression and confusion. From the outside, Gwen understandably needs some support through this period in her life. Gwen’s time is running out at the mental hospital. Dr. Jones has to have a diagnosis, a verdict on Gwen. She’s on the brink of confessing or continuing to live in mayhem. The world will never be the same if she confesses their sins.

The Devil’s Response blends together the worlds of mythology and technology in one relatable story. This modern science fiction story will have you questioning the role of technology in our most personal decisions. How many decisions do we make only because, “we can”?

--R. E. Bader

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