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The Defender of Babylon

Stray radio signals from Earth have been announcing our presence into space for many years. War on an alien world has triggered a chain of events across the galaxy. Alien beings have secretly visited us. They have stolen our history and our language, and now they want our planet.

Teenagers Rhyan Ivars and Michael Francis are best friends who have explored the nearby forests in games of role-playing adventures for many years. But this inseparable pair never dreamed that their secret Morse code messages between houses would put them in contact with a real UFO from another planet. Pretend games can take a young person on a journey of light-years into incredible worlds and cultures, but what might have been fun to imagine becomes something entirely different when pretend is replaced with the overwhelming impression of the real thing.

The Defender of Babylon is set in the present-day United States and follows the eleven-day journey of Rhyan Ivars on a mission to save planet Earth. Can the young teenager break through the age barrier to lead his fellow men against insurmountable odds of an extraterrestrial enemy with superior technology and numbers swarming in the billions? Or will the disillusions of the alien race and culture of the UFO's home world who banished their ancestral kin to die in space conclude in those alien brothers dooming the same fate on their executioners with the planet Earth as bonus?

--Allen W Pease

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