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The Cottage on the Lake

It’s been thirty years, but the memory still haunts her. Carolyn Peters is a registered nurse, who works at a children’s hospital in Chicago. Persuaded by her psychiatrist, Dr. Alexandria Crawford, she begins helping an American soldier, Clint Wells, who was injured during active duty while serving his country in Iraq. As their tumultuous relationship unfolds, Carolyn struggles to help Clint rebuild his life as she also struggles to overcome the horrible memory from her past.

Carolyn has not returned to her family’s cottage. When she was fifteen years old, her life changed forever. Now in her moral dilemma, she must make the heartrending decision to either suppress the horrible memory from her past or find the courage and return to the cottage in Wisconsin.

The Cottage on the Lake is a story that transcends both time and space. And as each chapter creates a new twist, it will leave you breathless until the final page.

--Todd J. Mosier

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