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The Connie File

This is the story of three young people, growing up in the heartland in 1956. The players—Connie, Stan, and Jamie—grew up best friends through school, eager and ready to face whatever the future might hold. But reality dealt them a much different game than any of them could have imagined. Connie, loved by both of her male companions but engaged to Jamie, struggled with Jamie's recent enlistment in the US Air Force and his pending assignment to a remote location in the Philippines. Jamie—returning home a year later, with a medical discharge and missing most of his right leg—finds that Connie and Stan are married. Soon after, Connie is consumed with guilt over her divorce from Stan and rejection from Jamie, and begins a downhill slide into the sleazier side of juke joints, the hustlers, and the users. A disturbing look into the mistakes and misadventures that make up The Connie File.

--Robert G. Kingsley

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