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The Chronicles of Earto: Myanna and the Last Hellcat

At nineteen years old, Myanna was forced to run away into the wilderness so she wouldn’t be forced to have an abortion.

As she was about to give birth, she found a dying female hellcat, the last of her kind, that gave birth to one living cub before it died. Myanna’s gentle heart would not allow the small creature to starve, so she nursed it from her own breast.

This is a story of how she, a woman who stood barely five feet tall, survived in the wilderness as she raised her two children—her daughter, Shawna, and the hellcat, Hieesha. They faced and overcame many challenges—from attacks of packs of Dorags, to wildfires, to hunters determined to gain bragging rights for killing the last hellcat.

It is about the splendor of that wild untamed land as well as the perils they faced on a regular basis. Hieesha grew to stand nine feet tall at his shoulders and was their companion as well as their protector as the three of them carved their own private place out of the wilderness—how they claimed it, tamed it, and broke it to leash.

It is a story of courage and hardship as well as love and adventure, danger, and peace of mind.

--Victor Fried

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