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The Choice: S.O.S. Survive or Suicide

The bad news: suicide is a large and growing public health problem.

Human beings are the only creatures in the natural world that can suffer from a hopelessness so deep that suicide seems like the only relief from the anguish. Human beings are also the only species that fall prey to chemical dependence and an associated downward spiral of mental health that can end in suicide.

This book presents the stories of individuals struggling with terminal illness, grief, alcoholism, prison, drug addiction, compulsive gambling, PTSD, depression, and abuse (including cyberbullying). All of these individuals find themselves at a decision point where they must choose to find a way to Survive or take their own life through Suicide.

Almost everyone has fleeting thoughts of suicide at least once during their lifetime. Most people do not want to discuss their thoughts of suicide with anyone for fear of being negatively judged or labeled by others.

The good news: the vast majority of people with suicidal thoughts can be treated with therapy and/or medication.

This book is intended to be a reference guide with information about depression, alcoholism, addiction, and associated therapy avenues.

--Marge J. Brantmeyer

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