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The Child Inside: Holiday Memories & Seasonal Poetry for Children

The Child Inside is a delightful book of childhood stories and original poems, which span from the writer's childhood to her present life. It is a collection of nostalgic memories, followed by the poems that those memories inspired. The wonderful poetry and singsong style of each verse will enrapture children and keep them happy for hours. These narratives capture the imagination no matter the age of the reader, and the illustrations connect you in a special way to the places and characters these poems portray, whether they be a pair of naughty pumpkins or a little girl who lost her mittens playing in the snow. The engaging pages of this charming book carry readers from their own beds to neighborhood farms all the way to Santa's workshop. Each journey is fantastically told through recollections of youth and anecdotes, which are warm, familiar, and heartfelt. The sincere prose and exceptional verse contained within will make you want to read each one again and again.

--Crystal Lee

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