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The Chase: A Jake Jessup Novel

The World Safety Net (WSN) has assigned Jake Jessup to Haiti to chase down and capture a conspirator named Jonas Dasir who was feigning as a Haitian police captain. He has dodged being extradited for nearly ten years.

The World Safety Net was funded by an alliance of anonymous billionaires from around the world. Jake worked well with temporary contracts that were offered by the WSN to capture or eliminate terrorist cells that were disrupting world peace. The WSN did not have ties to the Feds or to any local authority. The World Safety Net was a dark ops organization that was autonomous and self-governing.

Jake liked to think of himself as a rogue that took matters into his own hands to get the job done. What and how he can accomplish an objective was not entirely the wrong way, just definitely not the politically correct way. When he was younger, Jake worked as an assassin with the CIA and undercover with the FBI. Through the years, his sniper training has paid off for covert operations, but that was all in the past. Traveling with Jake was Mia Frison, an attractive Haitian-French mix who has her own set of skills.

After attempting to save a young man from police brutality, Jake was beaten and abducted. As he was kidnapped, he must deal with his own mortality.

Jessup is an agent who has specific skills to complete covert missions for the sake of world and statewide security. He completes them in a timely manner. Further assignments await the both of them, but Jake knows it is one mission at a time.

The Chase goes from one extreme terrorism plot to another. Various missions go from Haiti to Washington, DC, then on to Canada and back. The final plot has to do with nationwide cyber-attack: a virus named “DEMO-MAN” that was connected with the terror group Boko Haram attempt to cripple the largest retailer in the United States.

With this fast-paced adventure, you will keep the pages turning until the last chapter.

--Peter Triolo Jr.

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