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The Cave of Mystery

The Cave of Mystery is a mid–twentieth–century story filled with the exciting adventure of two twelve–year–old friends who live in the small mid–western town of Hickory Creek.

All school year, Andy and Wes overheard the older kids talk about a cave, near the old abandoned farm, that none had ever been able to find.

Fascinated that no one had found a simple cave, Andy wakes early on the first day of summer vacation, quickly does his chores and rushes over to Wes's house to see if he could go swimming and possibly do some exploring.

On the way to the abandoned farm, Andy and Wes must walk through the woods, which just happen to be next to an old lady's house. The old lady is known and feared by all the kids in the county as the "Old Witch." None of the children dare to get too close for fear they will never be heard from again.

During their first day of searching, the two friends stumbled upon the cave. It looks normal. However, it isn't until Andy and Wes invited their siblings to come along with them that it all changed.

Summer will never be the same…

With this, her first book, L.A. Williams gives us a story for the child in all of us.

--L.A. Williams

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