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The Cat King's Quest

Today three brothers—Dylan, Tommy, and Eric—will learn that their time spent in what has been up to this point innocent, imaginative, and playful daydreaming is, in fact, being used by another place that is neither here nor there to fuel and empower much greater places and things. Only after coming into contact with a unique and unusual individual who is not quite a reality nor exactly fantasy known as Keylo, "the Cat King," will the three young brothers begin to realize and come to an understanding of the ability they have when they come together as one unit. To make it through the Cat King's quest and earn the ability to harness and wield the power of the golden scepter and its realm-dividing red ruby, Dylan, Tommy, and Eric will have to do battle with a monster so terrifying that it will leave the three of them questioning their own resolve. However, if Keylo, "the Cat King," has chosen correctly and the three young brothers are capable and able to complete their quest, then the power generated through their ability to not only blend the fantasy realm with the realm of reality will be what is needed and used to continue the growth, expectation, and empowerment of the universe that Keylo calls home.Keylo's quest does not end here. In fact, it has only just begun! In his next adventure, Keylo will need to try to convenience another special individual that her unique ability is yet another very important gear in a much larger machine as she becomes the first of her kind to wield and use an Amplifiers Diamond!

--James Sprayberry

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