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The Call of the Sea

The Call of the Sea, a true story, presents the life of James W. Cauley who left his father’s farm at fourteen years of age to see and learn about the world. After a few years at construction work, he purchased his first fishing boat during the Great Depression. During his life, Jim fished offshore of the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, the Gulf States, the eastern shores of Mexico, and the South American waters offshore of French Guiana. Jim Cauley possessed a deep buring desire to do what he enjoyed the most, work on top of the sea. The book, with its action spread across half of the United States, the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, part of the Atlantic Ocean, and French Guiana, describes in detail the intricacies involved in the shrimping process.

The book describes Jim’s struggles during the Great Depression; the thrusts that mother nature burdens commercial fishermen; Mexican gunboats; the rescue of CIA agents offshore of Cuba; the sinking of a steel vessel; a business being confiscated in Carmen, Mexico; and a meeting in Washington, DC, where the senators and congressmen of the United States refused to enforce the Constitution of the United States.

--Jack E. Cauley

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