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The Boy Who Wanted to Fly

This book is about a profile in courage. This young man thought the sky was the limit. He wanted to fly an airplane. This feat was easier said than done. Louis had to negotiate his way into college before he joined the US Navy. Then, he had to find a way to get into flight school.

After finishing flight school, he found that he had to fight a war in Vietnam. Now, you might think that his exploits would end. However, his superiors decided that Louie should teach flight school. He took the gig with caution because of its immense responsibility.

Then, his superiors rewarded him with the commission of Rear admiral in charge of an aircraft carrier. While he was in Portugal, Louie met and married a young Portuguese girl. When his tour of duty ended, this retired sailor climbed one of the highest mountains in the world.

Life didn't beat him, cancer did. Louie died in the year 2000.

--Herbert Williams

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