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The Boxers of Youngstown Ohio: Boxing Capital of the World

The Boxers of Youngstown, Ohio: Boxing Capital of the World is a book that lists all the men who have entered into professional boxing since boxing's beginnings in Youngstown, Ohio in 1891. When researching these boxers, I was so humbled to find the tremendous careers that most of these men had. The book details the careers of these boxers, many of whom have become overlooked legends of their day. Its primary purpose is to shed light on these men who have sacrificed so much to become professional boxers in a town that is undeniably the Boxing Capital of the World-Youngstown, Ohio.

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Craig Snyder's New Book "The Boxers of Youngstown Ohio: Boxing Capital of the World" looks at the World of Professional Boxing and its Influence in Sports and Recreation

--Craig Snyder

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