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The Black Mass

The Black Mass is a book about demonic worship and possession. It is the lamentation of a man driven by the harshness of the times to enter into the folds of befouled magic and spells so that Abdul Nemrec could descend into the foul pits of the Iggigy and the Annunakis, where he learned things that no one else could. But the madness did not stop in the past; old demons have ways of rising up. This is true for in Harlem, New York City, there are several high school students who are friends and who also are into the infernal arts of black magic and the occult. Soon they will find a bookstore whose proprietor has acquired a copy of the damnable arcane text known as the Necronomicon. Once this book is in their hands, they will seek to open the portals of history and summon both beasts and gods upon the earth. They will take everyone around them to the threshold of the gates of madness and beyond.

--Walter Brown

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