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The Art of Making Money

Today across America, we are desperate for new solutions to help put some real money in our pockets as swiftly as possible. With America's economy, Europe's economy as well as other economies across the globe that have a direct effect upon our pockets in the worst possible conditions that the world has seen in many moons. We are losing confidence in every market economy that has given us comfort and peace of mind in the past. We see our hard-earned money being thrown away through faulty decision-making in the hallways of the White House and the corporate offices of big business. And now, we have become painfully aware that if we are to lift ourselves up from where we are today financially to where we desire to be that we must move in a new direction! We must jump in the driver's seat and take the wheel rather than continue to go along for the ride. The only problem is how. This book is designed to solve this problem.

In this book, The Art of Making Money, I will lay it all out for you and put in plain words a program that will help show you how to create your own personal million-dollar platinum plan for what I call making your magazine dream come true to life! The magazine dream is the new American dream! It is the universal dream that many Americans share today of becoming rich, powerful, and famous where basically in your life you rise up, shine hard, and accumulate riches in large amounts! The magazine dream is a dream that can splash your face across the cover of popular magazines such as People, Time, Vogue, O, The Oprah Magazine, Ebony, Essence, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, or Fortune. We hold this dream today because we live in a fast-paced, high-tech world where we see people becoming millionaires in record numbers! And we want in on all the big money that we see flowing around us!

--Ishmail Hamed

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