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The American Taxpayer: #TheForgottenClass

People from all walks of life, taxpayers of this country, are chasing their American dream, yet they are prevented from fully enjoying their freedoms. Class warfare in the United States surrounds and permeates the country today. Where can this warfare be seen the most? The news. Elected politicians and the media now believe that if they say it, it must be true, and the people should believe them no matter what the facts say. The observations and research Mike Singler shares in this book exposes uncontrolled government actions. The government has checks and balances to use if they choose to utilize them, but they don't! American taxpayers are told to there is nothing to see here, keep working and sending in your hard earned tax dollars!

"The American Taxpayer" will begin a conversation that hopefully will help the taxpaying public to demand that government recognizes AND uses its checks and balances while the media learns to report the facts as they are. It all begins with common sense, mutual respect and accountability. The taxpayers of the United States should not have to ask themselves if they can trust the government and if the news is "real." The change begins with us - The American Taxpayer #theforgottenclass.

--Mike Singler

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