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The Adventures of TuTu the Flying Chipmunk

Jump into a journey with a young chipmunk named Tutu. Along this journey, you will see that Tutu is captivated by his neighbors in the forest, the flying squirrels, who make their flights in the local area, as well as the forbidden zone, Scary Ridge. Tutu is inspired by the flying squirrels and wants to fly like them. But after all, he is a chipmunk and does not have wings. He will be reminded of this constantly by other forest critters, including his family. Tutu's family will try their best to detour his absurd dream of flight as they are worried about Tutu's well-being with some of the stunts that Tutu recklessly performs. But through the help of his mentor, Silky the Caterpillar, and his girlfriend, One, as well as a few other forest critters he meets along the way, they will go through many adventures, trying to achieve Tutu's dream of flying. Impossible barriers will be broken. Making believers out of all the other forest critters as well, such as Tutu's family, who thought Tutu was out of his mind. But it will not come easily as there will be hardships and mishaps to overcome. Through these adventures and hardships, lessons will be learned. As we follow Tutu on his adventure to find his wings, we will see things from his perspective on his dream, as well as life and how he never gives up on his dream of flight. Through his determination and creativity, Tutu will do whatever it takes to make history and his dream of flying a reality. This chipmunk has nuts.

--Jay Lopez

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