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The Adventures of Aubrey's Masks: A Short Novel

The Adventures of Aubrey's Masks is a fictional, mystery, crime, short story. The story is about a group of seven teenagers who call themselves the OUTCAST. They call themselves the OUTCAST because the Belleview High School is built of a social class system, such as the "populars," sports fanatics, goths, etc. They are just teenagers who think they don't belong. Out of the seven characters in the story is Aubrey Holmes, and she is the main character of the story. The story is being told from her perspective, and throughout her journey, she happens to find mysterious masks. These masks show her things that no one else can see, especially when the unsolved murder cases start to happen in the Belleview area. She also has to choose which one of her friends she can really trust and which ones she can't. So can you find out who's doing the murders in the Belleview area before Aubrey does?

--Matilda Canales

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