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The 6th Wife

Aliza is a psychology professor, full of life, and an extrovert. She trusts everyone and believes in a make-believe world that all is rosy, and everyone is just amazing. Never in a million years would she imagine a day like this. Her imagination tends to run high, just like when she told a couple of friends in Augusta, Georgia, what she would do if she ever got arrested a long time ago.

Twenty-one years later, after that make-believe with her two friends and her fancy story, the police came rushing to her home one day and told her she had to go with them. She was arrested by Pasco County Sheriff Department. "Why am I being arrested?" she dared to ask, and they said that she was accused of assaulting her husband and that she didn't have a choice but to go with them. Now was it the same way she envisioned it twenty-something years earlier? Far from it. She was numbed. She forgot about the cap, her sagging pants, and her story in a flash. "How did I get here?" she asked.

--Aliza Joy

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