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Tangled Web - Secrets Unveiled

A devoted husband of twenty one years, Jon Reed learns that his wife, whom he adores, has not been faithful. What's worse, his initial discovery includes someone very close to him. He calls upon his seasoned investigator best friend, Mike Nelson, to help with his worst fear, that she's involved with more than one man. To complicate matters, Jon meets a beautiful seductress who is determined to take advantage of his weakened resolve. Does he join his wife in infidelity? Hidden cameras, a bugged hotel room, and sexually oriented websites are all a part of the erotic tale. The two friends take an emotional roller-coaster ride as they investigate and navigate the tangled web of lies and deceit that involves practically every woman they know, including Mike's wife. The mysteries and trouble don't end at home. The seductress has problems she doesn't even know about until the inquisitive pair check her out. Another web to unravel. And what does a Colombian drug lord have to do with any of this? Twists and turns are abundant, with lessons to be learned about life, love, friendship, and loyalty. And although morality takes a beating throughout the story, there are lessons to be learned there as well.

--Gene Moon

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