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In as much as we can learn and experience various aspects of life as we live, we can only know what our minds will know. Our opinions comes from the depth of our experiences in life—the life we see others live, the mistakes they made or could have made. Every day in life we are learning, whether we know it or not. Our minds have a way of picking up information from the environment, and by choices and certain compulsions, we unleash them to our environment or in our sleep and dreams. We can only think of the thoughts that comes to us, the products of the people we observe around us, the environment we found ourselves in, the books we read, or any information we choose to educate our minds with. We are often learning and unlearning. The relevant information of today may become edited in a new way tomorrow, forcing us to leave the older versions behind and continue on the new most convenient way and path. This book is designed to challenge your thoughts, your mind, the information you knew before now and the ones you only thought of in your mind but never gave words to. It can be a poetry on its own, a story of another kind, and a philosophy of itself.

-- Dumebi O'Williams

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