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Tales of Levinia

Prince James and his friends all lived peacefully in the land of Levinia until one fateful day, when the wicked Lady Emalia and Master Daxumus enacted The Reign of Broken Souls that sent our heroes to the dreary town of Dragon Hollow. In this town, the prince and his followers have no recollection of their lives in Levinia and are forced to spend each day more miserable than the last. Feeling successful, Emalia foresees to continue her reign by preventing the one boy, Jacob Wolfe, from undoing the spell and ending her happy ending. The story plays out in Dragon Hollow with flashbacks of events from Levinia leading up to the day The Reign of Broken Souls was enacted. Join Prince James, Lady Victoria, Rosalina the Bandit, Sir Brandon, Jacob and Jonathan Wolfe as they brave through the challenges Lady Emalia set before them in attempts to break the spell and return to their lives in Levinia. But will the Levinian Warriors return to the home they once knew? With Master Daxumus at large in Levinia, there is nobody that can stop his tyranny.

--James Kientopp

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