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Take Care of Yourself!

When Helen, a kindergarten teacher, entered her class with a huge bag instead of her usual books, children right away realized that something different and important was going to take place that day.

Parents and educators usually find it difficult to initiate a discussion about sensitive subjects such as private parts. This story, through engaging and provoking children's curiosity, provides definitions and clarification on some of the related concepts, such as good touches and bad touches, good secrets and bad secrets, and how to tell the difference.

The story also educates children to be aware of their feelings and trust them. This is especially important as the analytical mind is not yet developed in those tender ages, and a child has to primarily rely on his or her feelings to assess a situation and act accordingly. The book also educates children what to do when facing an uncomfortable situation.

"Well done! The book is almost like a demonstration of teaching the elementary grades lessons in the Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe curriculum!"

–Zuzana Urbanek, Program Manager, Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe

--Shohreh Afshar

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