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SYMBOL Conscious-Unconscious Language: A Study Beyond Art, Art Therapy and Art in Psychotherapy

This book is about symbols, as a concept; hence, the reference "symbol." The author researches, "symbol," its various definitions, meanings and purpose; and expounds upon, "symbol," in terms of language, information, communication, decoding, meaning, interpretation, message and representation. This investigative study describes, all of this through the lens of the related fields of art, art therapy and phrase art in psychotherapy.

She offers poignant insights, innovative perspectives; she provides valuable information, and offers unique conclusions. Her rich insights into the topics derive from personal, professional research and experience. Her discourse is inclusive of topics such as the visible and tangible, as well as the phenomena of the invisible, less tangible and the intangible.

This book is intended to reach broad audiences in a wide range of fields, including but not limited to science, psychology and the paranormal. Authors included in the studies include Rudolph Arnheim, Joseph Cambell, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Victor Lowenfeld, Margaret Naumburg, Judith Aaron Rubin, Arnold Whittick, Ernst Kris, and Mardi J. Horowitz.

--Kilola Maishya (Sheenonway)

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