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This is a story about a young man who people say was the greatest defensive back in the history of football whom no one really ever knew. He had the love and compassion and all the physical tools accompanied with a tremendous amount of courage of any man who ever played the game. Unfortunately, though, like so many others in life, circumstances out of his control (and some in his control) caused him to detour from his dreams and lifetime goals. But he was one hell of a football player who could do anything on the field as a defensive back. Some say that he could almost fly! He even developed technical skills that some coaches use today. Through all his ups and downs, he never lost his values or morality. He just played the game that he loved dearly. Some people say there was no one better at the cornerback position than Swifty. Some women say there was no one better at other things.

I highly recommend the reading of this truly great (and true) story to any young man who thinks he has what it takes to play the corner back position at the high school or college level. I also suggest that after reading this book, he takes a long hard look in a mirror and ask himself, "do I really have what it takes to play the corner back position?".

--Irv Burnett

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