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Superior Passage

After many years of commanding a fleet of square–riggers, Shotty Murphy has found a life of adventure following the paths of great explorers in his beloved sailboat, Nattily Ann. All is well until one beautiful day, while plying the cold waters of Lake Superior, a storm catches him off guard. Wrecked and far from help, he must devise his own rescue.

Superior Passage chronicles one man's fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Set in the North American wilderness in the 1930s, this page–turning saga introduces us to the hardy souls who forged the Great Lakes into a major trade route between East and West.

"Coleman has an extraordinary vision that combines a love of the traditional with modern ingenuity and wit. You can see [Superior Passage] as a metaphor, a parable, a tall tale, but mainly, because all the elements are so harmonious . . . a darn good read." ––Maxine Wishner, former producer, Ted Turner's World of Adventure

--Richard T. Coleman

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