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Sundance: A Western Romance Adventure

After riding his horse Spirit all day to the small border town of Fresh Whiskey, Sundance is looking for sanctuary for him and his horse. His final destination is Mexico. Unsure of what the future will bring except freedom, he leaves his current life behind in search of his dreams. As he leaves the Whiskey Town saloon, Sundance accidentally slams the door on a young woman named Ayira. This will signal the moment when fate steps in between him and his plans. Sundance stays in Whiskey Town longer than he expected to because he falls in love with Ayira. As time moves on, the two of them will experience a relationship that could have never been foreseen by either of them. Eventually, their relationship together will lead them directly into a whirlwind of change, adventure, and romance - which will ultimately change both their lives forever.

--David Lee Washington

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