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Students of the Creative Teachers: Youth Education and Social Awareness by Creativity

Keeping youth or students entertained and interested in an educational curriculum, or even expressing the fundamentals of life, is a challenge for many parents and educators. The objective of this book is to communicate to youth regarding education, motivation, statistics and social awareness by applying creativity. I believe that creativity crosses boundaries that little else can, fostering a comprehensible connection between teachers, parents and students. This book is engaging, entertaining, informative and creative, and undoubtedly will serve as a valuable teaching tool and contribute to the field of education.

Students who engage in this book may examine youth challenges and statistics, and can be amused by the creative compositions and expressions of poetry, art, rap, and song lyrics.

Parents who provide this book to their youth offer them pertinent information to recognize and avert challenges they may encounter, also encourage creativity, confidence and critical thinking.

Educators who teach this book may enhance literacy, communication, motivation, awareness and creativity by engaging students in a six to eight (6-8) weeks course of recital, expressions, critique, research, presentations and discussions. (Lesson plans are available)

Classroom, School or Community groups may perform this book implementing their own interpretation for "Call and Answer" theatrical performances, utilizing props, artwork, music, instruments and/or signs, which may also include parents, teachers or staff.

--Lawrence D. Jones

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