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Storm Surge

All is not what it seems.A lot can happen to a person in a Disaster Area…Brenda Meyers is having a bad day. Her daughter is trapped somewhere in New Orleans right before Hurricane Katrina strikes. Her increasingly estranged husband may be on the verge of losing yet another job. To top it all off, her cheating former fiancé is claiming to have evidence that his wife and Brenda's husband are having an affair. But nothing matters more than finding and rescuing her daughter. Brenda insists that a rescue mission can be made before the storm hits. Her husband isn't so keen on the idea – he's heard that the city may flood, making the rescue even harder.So, when her former fiancé offers his boat and his help, Brenda reluctantly accepts, knowing full well that her husband and Ex cannot get along. Her worries prove correct; while racing the raging storm, she uncovers a fiendish plot to murder her well insured husband - who happens to harbor secrets of his own.Will she be able to survive the ravages of Katrina, find her daughter, and prevent a professional hit without painting a target on her own back?

--John F. Banas

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