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Stories from the Old Yard: Book One The Murders

In his book Stories from the Old Yard: Book One, the Murders, J. M. Fitzmaurice chronicles two decades of brutal murder inside the MAX-custody federal penitentiaries at Lompoc, California, and other Bureau of Prisons facilities. From Lompoc to Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, and Florence, Colorado, to Marion, Illinois, Fitzmaurice reveals the backstory behind the brutal killings carried out in medieval fashion by deadly prison gangs and ruthless predators on the federal penitentiary circuit. Interlaced with humanity, humor, and compassion, Stories from the Old Yard is much more than regurgitated investigative reports—it captures the courage and heroism of the young men and women who risk their lives daily to protect one another and Convict Nation alike! Some of these BOP staff gave their lives in this mission, and Fitzmaurice pays them the tribute they earned by making the ultimate sacrifice! The afterword includes a sneak peek from book two, More Stories from the Old Yard!

--J.M. Fitzmaurice

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