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Stop Looking at the Crack!: A Hypothesis on the Source of Chronic Degenerative Pain and the Failure of Modern Medicine

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Have you been to numerous physicians and medical providers, endured costly tests and scans, taken extensive medications, and attempted exhaustive treatments, all with little improvement and no real answers as to why you keep having pain? This book attempts to address the real reason behind why we experience recurrent pain in our bodies, using simple analogies, accepted medical principles, and some common sense.

The human body responds to the same laws of physics as every other structure in the universe. And so when the foundation of a building or a house or any structure is crooked, then cracks begin to develop in the walls. When the front-end alignment of your vehicle is askew, then the tires begin to show signs of uneven wear. Today's medical system solely focuses on these cracks in the walls or rubber and tries to fix them with drugs, injections, or even surgery, all with very poor results. Yet when someone is able to identify and correct the underlying problem, which is often nowhere near the site of symptoms, then the pain will not only be resolved but will also never return!

--Alan Hessler MAPT, COMT

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